About LaPanta Photography

It is difficult to talk about me.  I guess that is why I love the camera in front of my face. When my brother asks how I’m doing, I tell him about my kids.  I usually follow it up with a picture. 

I graduated from St. Ben’s with a business management major in 1990.  After four years in a corporate setting we started a family.  I realized that everyday life was filled with moments I wanted to remember forever. This is when my passion for photography began. 

I worked at Buccina Studios in Minneapolis as our family grew to four children.  In 2005, I started LaPanta Photography shooting only friends, family and other nice people.  Each year this part of my life continues to grow.  I still find a balance between family and shooting and firmly believe they compliment each other well.

I live in Shoreview with my husband Anthony and our children A.J., Vinny, Gianni, and Arianna.